Handwritten Direct Mail Results: Lead Generation & Retention – Pensaki ROI

99% Open Rate.

40% Response Rate.

Standing out from the crowd by expressing appreciation with authentic handwritten notes. Technology has made communication faster, more efficient and easier than ever. But with that ease comes a big problem. Noise. Lots of it. People are overloaded with messages making it harder than ever to get the attention of decision makers.
By combining bespoke offline handwritten notes with smart online elements such as landing pages you will be able to stand out from the crowd, while your competitors still compensate quality with quantity.

Marketing in the digital age faces a strange paradox: technically, we can communicate more than ever before, and at the same time it becomes more and more difficult to be heard by the recipient and to evoke emotions and feelings.

Digital Thought Leaders Love The Power of Authentic Handwritten Direct Mail.

Because our brain not only decodes information but also interprets its context und assigns meaning and emotions, handwritten letters can impart much more than just words, in particular appreciation and trust.

"Pensaki is possibly the coolest #marketing service I've seen... On demand, handwritten, direct mail"
@Charliehutton 2015

At the same time handwritten notes trigger attention and curiosity as they are always  perceived as being something valuable. Not only because they are so scarce, handwritten notes are perceived as more valuable. They show how much you care.

The human brain is the most effective awareness firewall as it erases 99,99% of all sensory impressions every second.

Every second 11 million sensory impressions fire along your brain’s highways, but only 40 (FORTY!) actually reach your awareness. What happened to the 10,999,960 other bits of information? (Source: At Zero: The Final Secrets to “Zero Limits” The Quest for ...
by Dr. Joe Vitale)

A handwritten letter is very tangible — something that engages our senses in a way that digital messages can not. Somehow it’s a physical reminder of the writer, their thoughts forever inked onto a piece of paper. The reader will not soon forget you.

"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%. Like it."

The human brain resembles a giant hard disk with at least 1 Petabyte (= 1,000 Terabytes). But only a fraction of the processed data will ever be stored in the form of memories. A handwritten message is very likely to be stored on this hard disc, compared to all the over digital messages.

When Analog Beats Digital Marketing

Analog is the antithesis of digital. In our increasingly digital world, analog can offer a refreshing change. The more companies and brands automate and digitize, the less personal their efforts tend to be from a customer point of view.

Reaching inboxes and mailboxes has become very easy, but reaching hearts and minds is more difficult than ever.

B2B Handwritten Business Results

The sales world is abuzz with the fantastic “new” inbound marketing world. But nevertheless an effective outbound lead generation strategy is still of pivotal importance for successful B2B companies. Those who stand out from the crowd and combine handwritten sales letters with online will achieve outstanding results.

B2C Handwritten Business Results

Successful e-commerce companies leverage the power of personalized handwritten direct mail campaigns to reactivate existing customers or to express their appreciation towards their best customers/promoters. An authentic handwritten note has the power to directly drive customer loyalty and profitability.

B2B Results: Lead Generation

If you want to achieve outstanding results in our mostly digital world, you are well advised to take a step back and to create something extraordinary in the eyes of your audience. e.g. 80 % of Germans love to find something handwritten in their (analog) mailbox.

Surprising and delighting your customers through the analog mailbox can lead to very important business results, at least as long as you have considered our five key success factors of handwritten direct mail campaigns.

Under no circumstances it is allowed to cold call consumers. In the context of B2B lead generation campaigns cold calling is not illegal, at least as long as your offering can be of interest and value to the company you are calling. Sending cold emails to B2B decision makers at your target accounts is nevertheless illegal in Europe.

Plain cold calling itself will not lead to any relevant business results because at least 92% of decision makers never respond to cold calls.

So what should you do if you can’t afford to wait for your inbound leads to fill the sales funnel?

Successful B2B lead generation campaigns always have something in common. They consider the key success factors and combine bespoke offline handwritten direct mail with online to engage with qualified decision makers.

Below you find a selection of relevant success stories of direct mail campaigns with authentic handwritten letters or notes.

95 % Open Rate

90 % Response Rate

90% Be Remembered

40% Response Rate.

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

Scope: Lead Generation (Cold List)
What: Neutral Pensaki A4 1.000 letters with hand addressed envelopes
Result: 30% Response Rate (R wie Resultate | Heide Liebmann)

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%!
Dear Pensaki Team, I was very amazed by the quality of the handwritten cards and more importantly, the recipients were very happy about them. The quality of the handwriting, stationery and shipping can only be rated with five stars. Thank you very much
We used Pensaki in a direct mail campaign to several thousand decision makers and the response was great.
The Pensaki service is very good, very friendly support, all tailor-made request were taken into account. Lightning fast processing time and shipping.
We had never expected such a good response rate! Thank you very much…
Good communication, perfect support – clear recommendation!
Everything worked out great. The customer was completely satisfied again! Thank you for the smooth collaboration, your patience and great support!
The Pensaki campaign was very successful with a response rate of 23% and the service is great!
… we are really excited about how perfect and real the handwriting looks!
…so cool !

B2C Results: Consumer Activation & Retention

In the real-time communication area slowness becomes the new luxury if you want your message to stand out from the crowd. Handwritten notes are the exact opposite of the current Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp social media communication trend. Individualism is a priority for millennials, and there is no better symbol of uniqueness than an authentic handwritten note to stand out from the daily flood of electronic messages or the few printed direct mail campaigns.

handwritten postcard robot europe pensaki

Expressions of gratitude towards customers can make a huge difference. Saying Thank-you and showing gratitude is critically important to every business. It’s important to say thank you to your customers, but always remember to make it personal to them. Showing customers your appreciation might even be the magic key to increasing customer loyalty.

Creating true human relationships with their customers is something that all brands should strive to achieve.

In our digital world, slowness is the new cool.

Up to 99 % Open Rate

Up To 90 % Response Rate

Reducing Return by 33%

B2C: Activation of Inactive Customers

Scope: Activation of Inactive/Dormant Customers
What: Branded Handwritten Postcards DIN Lang 430
Results: 14% Response Rate and 7% Subscription Renewal Rate

14% Response Rate
7% Sales Close Rate

Reducing Returns By 33%

B2C: Thank-you notes reduce returns

Scope: Increase Customer Loyalty among top customers
What: Handwritten thank-you compliment cards
Results: 33% reduction of returns and increase of monthly revenue (The New York Times 12/2015)

B2C: Activation of Inactive Customers

Scope: Activation of Inactive/Dormant Customers
What: Branded Handwritten Postcards DIN Lang 430
Results: 12% Response Rate

12% Response Rate

Letter Nudge: The Power Of Handwriting

Scope: Reaching the Unreachable Customer/Debtor
What: Sending neutral handwritten envelopes (no branding)
Results: 90% Response Rate and savings of US$ 20 m (BRFkredit Case)