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Handwritten Direct Mail with Pensaki snail mail delivery

Our standard handwritten cards and letters are handed over in Germany to Deutsche Post for global snail mail delivery, whereas tailor-made handwritten direct mail projects at Pensaki include also different international shipment methods.

Currently all handwritten documents are written in Germany. The shipment options depend on the type of your handwritten direct mail campaign.

Shipment of Standard Letters (<500)
All our handwritten standard letters (our shop) will be handed over to Deutsche Post latest within 5 business days for global shipment, i.e. all letters will be (snail) mailed like all other normal mail out of Germany.
Tailor-Made Direct Mail (500+)
All tailor-made handwritten direct mail campaigns will be delivered as individually agreed, including bulk shipment with e.g. UPS, DHL or special couriers globally.

From 100 (standard handwritten) cards/letters it’s possible ship you our standard letters in open envelopes and obviously without German post stamps.

General Snail Mail Delivery

Expected average delivery time
Country(business days)

According to publicly available information Deutsche Post AG expects the following delivery times for letters, cards and postcards (see table). Within Germany Deutsche Post states that 95% of all letters are delivered the first consecutive business day (sender and receiver reside in Germany.