Checklist for Very Effective Lead Generation Campaigns with Handwritten Notes

Checklist for Very Effective Lead Generation Campaigns

If you want to achieve very successful lead generation campaigns, you have to keep a special eye on some critical details. Because in the daily fight for attention, supposed little things decide whether communication is effective, i.e. successful or not. Handwritten letters are a very special way to stand out from the competition. But at the same time, such letters are not a sufficient condition for successful campaigns. Who pays close attention to the interaction of the following success factors will be rewarded with outstanding results, e.g. response rates between 20 and 40 percent are fairly common.

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  • The personalization should not stop at the salutation line

    Read here how easy it is to integrate additional segments into your text so that the content of your message can maximize its impact in terms of relevance for the recipients.

  • Demonstrate your value and competencies to the recipients!

    What kind of benefits can the recipient expect from dealing with you? Refer to a landing page for all further/advertising information that underlines your statements.

  • Keep your message crisp and clear, or are you a time bandit?

    If the recipient of your letter gets the impression that you cannot express yourself in a crisp and clear way, you are wasting a lot of potential right from the beginning. Especially decision makers don’t want to engage with people who are perceived as time bandits, people who are unable to make complex things sound easy. Formulate your statements in short, concise sentences, try to activate by stimulating curiosity instead of creating indifference. Refer to a landing page for all further/advertising information. A successful sales letter never exceeds one page!

  • Avoid Annoying Business Jargon aka Buzzwords at all costs

    Bad or mediocre sales letters are full of buzz words, abbreviations and boring phrases, whereas highly successful letters are always kept relevant, concise and easy to understand. Keep it simple stupid to create meaningful messages.

  • Never forget a strong Call to Action! Never !

    You won’t get a reaction without the right call to action.  Every sales letter needs a “call-to-action” (CTA) to invite the recipient to take action. The CTA does not need an exclamation mark and should not be too intrusive or too promotional. e.g. “Talk to me…, find out about… order here….. rate us here… “The key question was: what level of call is appropriate?

    Hint: The P.S. line is often read first! Therefore, the most important thing should be written here, i.e. the CTA. – e.g. confirm your attendance here, request a personalized web demo, etc.

  • Follow-up activities remain of pivotal importance if you want to strive!

    Even the best – handwritten – sales letters often correspond only to the first professional “knocking on the door” of a potential customer (cold contact). Such a letter rarely goes unnoticed, but for a direct and immediate reaction you usually need more (timing, relevance, priorities etc.). Plan your sales campaigns right from the start so that you can make follow-up calls a few days after mailing the letters.

    Hint: Calling prospects to find out whether they have actually received your letter regularly generates strong results compared to plain cold calls (without any prior context).

  • Data quality is key

    A handwritten letter must be addressed to a person (correctly and completely). A letter addressed in this way must refer to the professional function of the person and may of course only ever be sent to his business address. Please never write “to the marketing management” or similar. Such a formulation allows only one conclusion: the sender has spared the effort and time to find out the details. In this way, no one can simply feel “personally” addressed.

  • Avoid words in capital letters

    Lined up capital letters, even in company names or brand names, simply don’t look pretty in handwriting. Instead of SAMPLE & FRIENDS SE, please write “Sample & Friends SE”.

  • The sender is a person and not an organization, e.g. ``Yours Haritoro`` and ``Yours team at XYZ``

    People write letters. Organizations send printed direct mail. So it is better not to write “your team”, but “yours Paul”. Remember: a handwritten message is an expression of esteem in the context of a personal communication from one human to another human.

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