Handwritten Letters Generate A 20 Percent Response Rate ∙ Business Results

Handwritten notes can generate substantial business results by leveraging the surprise & delight

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is not an easy task, especially not in our digital age. The vast sea of information about prices, competitors, and features that is readily available eliminates the possibility of a "free lunch".
As a result the on- and offline customer experience is becoming the key competitive differentiator in the digital age. That's why bespoke handwritten messages - as a manifestation of gratitude - are making a comeback. Expressing your appreciation towards your customers will almost always pay back twice.

"Mastering the art of advertising is to aim at the head but hit the wallet. Mastering the art of communication is to aim at the heart but hit the head"

Vance Packard

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Anna Brunner


"We have invited several thousand executives to our festival with handwritten Pensaki invitations and the response was great."

lead generation successful results

Michaela Seika

Oracle Deutschland

"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%! Like it."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Stephan Kreissler


"We've achieved an attendance record at our event and received a lot of great feedback, largely due to the handwritten invitations from Pensaki."

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Charlie Hutton

Bestselling Marketing Author

Pensaki is possibly the coolest marketing service I've seen, and this is due to their on demand, handwritten, direct mail services"

"PENSAKI liefert super Ergebnisse. Es ist ungewöhnlich und wirkungsvoll."

Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer GmbH

"PENSAKI delivers great results. It's unusual and effective."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Jakob Becker


"Superbe online service, indistinguishable from a (human) handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Marketing Metric: Open Rates (cold)

In Europe sending (cold) email is illegal also in the B2B context without the explicit consent of the recipient. On the other hand sending personalized letters to (cold) contacts is perfectly safe and legal.

Marketing in this digital era faces a strange paradox:

Technically, we can communicate more than ever before, but at the same time, it becomes more and more difficult to be heard. As a result, it seems to become more of a challenge to evoke emotions and feelings.

Digital Thought Leaders Seem To Love The Power of Authentic Handwritten Direct Mail.

Handwritten letters have almost a lustful effect on our brains.

They create that warmth and comfortable feeling. Allowing your customers to pursue these emotions will, therefore, lead to appreciation and trust towards your company.

handwritten letters satisfied customer

"Pensaki is possibly the coolest marketing service I've seen, due to their on demand, handwritten, direct mail service"
@Charliehutton 2015.

Handwritten letters trigger attention and curiosity.

They are perceived as being something valuable, however, this is not only a result of them being so scarce but also because they let the customer know that you care.

The human brain is the most effective awareness firewall because it erases 99,99% of all sensory impressions every second.

Every second, there are 11 million sensory impressions shooting through our brain’s highway system.

Having said this, however, only 40 actually reach your awareness! Why is that, and what happened to the 10,999,960 other bits of information? (Source: At Zero: The Final Secrets to “Zero Limits” The Quest for Miracles
by Dr. Joe Vitale)

Handwritten letters are very tangible —

Something that engages our senses, most of all, in a way that digital messages will never be able to do. It is a physical reminder, rather of the owners of the beautiful handwriting services. The thoughts and emotions of the writer almost forever inked onto a piece of paper. There is little chance of the reader forgetting the writer, especially not anytime soon.

When Analog Beats Digital Marketing

First of all, imagine the human brain as a giant hard drive that is capable of holding at least 1 Petabyte (1,000 Terabytes) of data.

Rather than storing every minute information, consequently, only a small fraction of the processed data will ever be stored in the form of memories. So guess what? A handwritten direct mail is, therefore, more likely to be stored on this so-called hard drive, compared to the overload of digital messages.

Our world is dominated by digital messages.

Analog is the antithesis of digital, and so, an analog message has the power to offer a refreshing change. From a customers point of view, the more a company automates their relations the customer, it seems like the less of a personal imprint it will leave.

Lead generation gained from direct mail to inboxes and mailboxes has become very easy. But reaching hearts and minds is more difficult than ever.

Technology may have made communication much faster, more efficient and also easier than ever, but consequently, with all those benefits still lies a big problem. Noise.

Handwritten Letters for lead generation and loyalty campaigns

B2B Lead Generation Results

The sales solar system is thrilled with the fantastic advances that dictate the inbound marketing world.

An effective outbound lead generation strategy is still of pivotal importance because it can generate successful B2B companies.

Businesses can stand out from the swarming crowds while combining unique handwriting services along with online correspondence. Achieving outstanding success as a result of their handwritten direct mail campaigns.

Loyalty Campaigns Results

In addition to what you have learned so far, successful e-commerce companies also leverage the power of personalised handwritten direct mail campaigns. Obtaining lead generation by reaching out to existing customers and expressing their gratitude.

Authentic handwriting services have the power to directly influence customer loyalty and profitability.

B2B Lead Generation Results

It’s a Big Big Digital World that we live in. If you want to grab a huge slice of the pie, then you are most probably going to have to think outside the box. It is no longer a case of having a good product or providing great services, instead, you have to shock the market. Catch them by surprise, while giving them something they never expected. You want your customers to remember you, and in return, to tell everyone they know about you.

A courtesy handwritten postcard received in the letterbox will not only surprise your customers but leave them feeling delighted and appreciated. These personal handwriting services are guaranteed to increase relations between customer and brand. Take a look at five key factors for achieving a successful marketing campaign, and maybe you will find it a good read. There you will read about the seduction powers of simple handwriting services, and learn how to increase lead generation. When it comes to landing profitable customers, it seems like every method for luring them in gets exhausted. The method of cold calling, however, has almost become a taboo. It is generally understood that cold calling will not be tolerated, and this is under no circumstance. Cold calling tends to be frowned upon, however, marketing campaigners are still found to put it into practice. In terms of B2B lead generation campaigns rather, cold calling is not illegal. Provided you can offer something of interest and significantly valuable to the customer.

What do successful B2B lead generation campaigns always have in common? They take into account the key success factors and then, they infuse them into direct mailing campaigns aimed at the primary decision makers. And to make things sweeter, not only do they engage through online emailing campaigns, but they also combine that with bespoke offline handwritten direct mail.

40% Response Rate

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

Scope: Lead Generation (Cold List)
What: Neutral Pensaki A4 1.000 letters with hand addressed envelopes
Result: 30% Response Rate (R wie Resultate | Heide Liebmann)

B2B Lead Gen With Handwritten Letters

Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%!
Dear Pensaki Team, I was very amazed by the quality of the handwritten cards and more importantly, the recipients were very happy about them. The quality of the handwriting, stationery and shipping can only be rated with five stars. Thank you very much
We used Pensaki in a direct mail campaign to several thousand decision makers and the response was great.
The Pensaki service is very good, very friendly support, all tailor-made request were taken into account. Lightning fast processing time and shipping.
We had never expected such a good response rate! Thank you very much…
Good communication, perfect support – clear recommendation!
Everything worked out great. The customer was completely satisfied again! Thank you for the smooth collaboration, your patience and great support!
The Pensaki campaign was very successful with a response rate of 23% and the service is great!
… we are really excited about how perfect and real the handwriting looks!
…so cool !

B2C: Consumer Activation & Retention

Fast. Faster. Fastest… Everything in our modern world is all about speed and precision. To the point that the only way you can stand out from the crowd, is to slow down. If you want to break the communication rules of the social media trend that you find with apps such as Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp – then you have to strive for the complete opposite of what they represent. There are almost 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide! Home to most of these increasingly popular social media platforms. Expectedly, the concept of writing a letter with pen and paper can sound very prehistoric. Handwritten letters may be thought of as a method of the past but the truth is that they will bring forth uniqueness to your business. Handwriting services depict individualism. Surely a priority for millennials venturing towards success. Including handwriting services with your customer focus plans will create such a huge impact. Simply setting up a handwritten direct mail campaign will strengthen the bond with your customers. And here at Pensaki, we will help you to do exactly that!

Kundenrückgewinnung mit Postkarten in Handschrift von Pensaki
Pensaki handwritten postcard 430

"... customers with a true emotional relationship with a brand typically buy TWICE as much and stay loyal for longer."

The magic ingredient to increased customer loyalty is gratitude. Therefore, begin using handwriting services to let your customers know that you are thankful they chose to do business with you. Rather than treating them like they are just another customer, prove that instead, you are not just another heartless corporate enterprise. Although this may be true, you don’t have all the time in the world to drive up to your customer’s homes and thank them face-to-face. On the positive side, with Pensaki’s handwritten direct mail services, you can reach out to your customers on a more personal level.

Building genuine human relationships with your customers through authentic handwriting services is what Pensaki aims to help you achieve.

Up to 99 % Open Rate

Up To 90 % Response Rate

Reducing Returns by 33%

7% Sales Close Ratio

B2C: Reactivating Lapsed Customers

Scope: Activation of Inactive/Dormant Customers
What: Branded Postcards DIN Lang 430
Results: 14% Response Rate and 7% Subscription Renewal Rate

Reducing Returns By 33%

B2C: Thank-you notes reduce returns

Scope: Increase Customer Loyalty among top customers
What: Handwritten Thank-you compliment cards
Results: 33% reduction of returns and increase of monthly revenue 

12% Response Rate

B2C: Reactivating Lapsed Customers

Scope: Activation of Inactive/Dormant Customers
What: Branded Postcards DIN Lang 430
Results: 12% Response Rate

Letter Nudge: The Power Of Handwriting

Scope: Reaching the Unreachable Customer/Debtor
What: Sending neutral handwritten envelopes (no branding)
Results: 90% Response Rate and savings of US$ 20 m (BRFkredit Case)

Pensaki Value: quality-obsessed humans working with robots for you

Bespoke Quality

Every document is written by friendly robots with a pen, but all subsequent steps are manually performed, by even friendlier humanoids. All letters are e.g. manually put into envelopes. This is an integral step in our quality control. We stand by our quality-obsession.


100% online order processing, including our API for an easy integration with e.g. your CRM. Obviously you can personalize every single document.


Creating 100 letters is easy, creating 10.000 bespoke handwritten letters on time is where we excel. We at Pensaki combine the beauty of authentic-looking handwritten letters with scalability, thanks to trustworthy robots and quality-obsessed humans. Our customers love our services because we know how import customer success is.

Turnkey Service

We provide a wide range of personalization and shipment options, incl. value added services. Please contact us if you want to learn more. Our standard handwritten letters are handed over for global shipment within 5 business days.