Pre-production proofs for business solutions

Pre-production proofs for business solutions

Robot Handwritten Letter from Pensaki

At Pensaki the term “pre-production proof” refers to a preliminary version of your “handwritten” letters. It provides a close representation of how the piece will appear when produced for you. These proofs are created to ensure that we are in complete agreement on the desired outcome before going to production.

i.e. a pre-production proof (also known as a spec sample) is a physical sample of the handwritten item you are ordering from Pensaki as a business customer.

Pre-Production Proof by Pensaki of handwritten letters

The term pre-production proof refers to:
1. the handwriting style used
2. the line spacings
3. and the layout of your letters.


You can always use the preview function to verify the content of all letters.













Pre-Production proofs are only provided in the context of our business solutions and IF this has been agreed upon with the client. All standard letters will be produced directly, on the basis of the current standard layout of each product.

Visit The term pre-production proof to the layout (line spacing, paragraphs and the handwriting used) and not the content of your campaign. You can check your content at any time via the preview function, you will find further information on this here.

Visit to learn more about our standard formats.

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