Our Value Proposition – quality, scalability & reliability

Our Value Proposition: Quality & Scalability

Bespoke Quality

Every document is written by friendly robots with a pen, but all subsequent steps are manually performed, by even friendlier humanoids. All letters are e.g. manually put into envelopes. This is an integral step in our quality control.


100% online order processing, including our API for an easy integration with e.g. your CRM or helpdesk solution. Obviously you can personalize every single document.


Pensaki combines the beauty of authentic-looking handwritten letters with a high degree of scalability, thanks to friendly and trustworthy robots. e.g. 40.000 handwritten postcards take on average 10-15 business days. 1.000 handwritten notes with an envelope take 5 business days.

Turnkey Service

We provide a wide range of personalization and shipment options, incl. value added services. Please contact us if you want to learn more. Our standard handwritten letters are handed over for global shipment within 5 business days.

In Europe sending (cold) email is illegal also in the B2B context without the explicit consent of the recipient. On the other hand sending personalized letters to (cold) contacts is perfectly safe and legal.