Our Value Proposition – quality-obsessed humans working with robots

"Mastering the art of advertising is to aim at the head but hit the wallet. Mastering the art of communication is to aim at the heart but hit the head"

Vance Packard

Pensaki Value: quality-obsessed humans working with robots for you

Bespoke Quality

Every document is written by friendly robots with a pen, but all subsequent steps are manually performed, by even friendlier humanoids. All letters are e.g. manually put into envelopes. This is an integral step in our quality control. We stand by our quality-obsession.


100% online order processing, including our API for an easy integration with e.g. your CRM. Obviously you can personalize every single document.


Creating 100 letters is easy, creating 10.000 bespoke handwritten letters on time is where we excel. We at Pensaki combine the beauty of authentic-looking handwritten letters with scalability, thanks to trustworthy robots and quality-obsessed humans. Our customers love our services because we know how import customer success is.

Turnkey Service

We provide a wide range of personalization and shipment options, incl. value added services. Please contact us if you want to learn more. Our standard handwritten letters are handed over for global shipment within 5 business days.

Pensaki references

handwriting services satisfied customer

Anna Brunner


"We have invited several thousand executives to our festival with handwritten Pensaki invitations and the response was great."

lead generation successful results

Michaela Seika

Oracle Deutschland

"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%! Like it."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Stephan Kreissler


"We've achieved an attendance record at our event and received a lot of great feedback, largely due to the handwritten invitations from Pensaki."

handwritten invitations from pensaki are beautiful

Charlie Hutton

Bestselling Marketing Author

Pensaki is possibly the coolest marketing service I've seen, and this is due to their on demand, handwritten, direct mail services"

"PENSAKI liefert super Ergebnisse. Es ist ungewöhnlich und wirkungsvoll."

Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer GmbH

"PENSAKI delivers great results. It's unusual and effective."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Jakob Becker


"Superbe online service, indistinguishable from a (human) handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."