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The EU API for Handwritten Direct Mail


We combine the beauty of authentic handwritten notes with the scalability of direct mail. Writing yourself is always the best alternative, but we can scale this art for your when you can’t.

Pensaki Value Proposition: Quality & Scalability

Bespoke Quality

Every handwritten letter is written with a pen with a continuous stroke cursive handwriting style. Friendly robots write your message and friendly humans take care of the quality assurance before shipping your letters.


100% online order processing, including our API for an easy integration with e.g. your CRM or helpdesk solution.


Pensaki combines the beauty of authentic-looking handwritten letters with a high degree of scalability, thanks to friendly and trustworthy robots.

Turnkey Service

We provide a wide range of personalization and shipment options, incl. value added services. Please contact us if you want to learn more. Our standard handwritten letters are handed over for global shipment within 5 business days.

Pensaki offering: Two Product Categories

With Pensaki you can comfortably order handwritten letters, compliment cards or postcards to surprise and delight your customers. This expression of appreciation leads to strong business results, considering the key success factors. This is true for both B2C and B2B scenarios. e.g. our B2B customers regularly achieve response rates between 20-40% in the lead generation context . This especially applies to our neutral Pensaki standard letters.

At Pensaki there are two different product categories, depending on the number of handwritten letters you want to order.

Our Standard Letters

100% Pre-Configured. Ready 2 Send.

(for all requests with up to 500 letters)

The Pensaki standard handwritten letters and notes are 100% pre-configured and ready to send globally. All standard letters are handed over latest within 5 business days to Deutsche Post for global snail mail delivery.

With at least 100 letters it’s possible that we ship the letters with open envelopes and without German post stamps via DHL globally.

Tailor-Made Handwritten Direct Mail

100% Tailor-Made.

(starting at 500 letters)

Please get in touch if you are looking instead for a tailor-made handwritten direct mail campaign, with at least 500 letters.

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