Robot written, handwritten letters: Standard vs. Customized

Robot written letters: Standard vs. Customized

Robots unfold their full potential when they execute repeat tasks, after being programmed. This is also true when they create authentic handwritten letters for you. They need to be configured, tested and special stationery needs to be prepared for the task.

That's why we have our pre-configured standard letters for all projects with less than 500 units.

The advantages of letting friendly robots write thank you letters for you are maximized in two cases:

  1. 1. When you use one of our standard formats (100% pre-configured, ready to order) or
  2. 2. We create tailor-made, i.e. customized handwritten letters for you with at least 500 units.

Robots need to be configured, special stationery prepared/tested and the production tested. This includes many manual steps, performed by friendly humans in the context of the preparation, production and post-production.

You would like to send 10 or 20 customized letters*?  Well, simply grab a fountain pen and start writing. 

*customized refers to: special text length, special stationery, special shipment options, different handwriting styles and NOT THE CONTENT. With Pensaki you can certainly personalize always EVERY letter.

Pensaki: Our Handwritten Services

Robots are not printers. Robots unfold their full potential when they are allowed to perform recurring tasks. This also applies if they write authentic handwritten letters for you. Robots must be programmed, set-up, tested and prepared for the task. That is why we have set-up our preconfigured standard letters for you, for all inquiries with up to 500 letters. You can use these letters immediately, without setup costs.

Customized Letters

100 % tailor-made
Minimum order: 500 letters
  • your design
  • your formats
  • your layout
  • your text length
  • your handwriting style
  • your stationery
  • various shipment options
  • incl. print (optional)
  • incl. attachments
  • tailor-made pricing
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