Security and data encryption

All Pensaki users can delete all personal data directly online as soon as the order has been completed.  Simply go to your Pensaki account and select “Anonymize it”! You will still find your order history, but the personal data from the campaigns will be gone.

Data Protection

We take security and data privacy very serious. Our business model is not based on selling any of your data to any third party and we are using best in breed technology to protect your data while you are using our services. We only use your data with your consent and solely with the objective to safeguard our ability to provide you our services and to optimize our offering. A part from complying with the respective German privacy and data security laws, we also have decided to completely SSL encrypt our services in order to keep private what is meant to be private. Therefore sending a handwritten Pensaki® document can actually be regarded as being securer than sending any unencrypted email through the internet.

SHA-2 Encryption

Extended Validation SSL Certificate with SHA-2 Encryption Algorithm
EV stands for “Extended Validation” and that means that getting the SSL certificate required an extensive verification process by the certificate authority (here COMODO CA Limited, UK) before the certificate was issued to Pensaki GmbH. Therefore you as a user can be sure to visit the website of Pensaki GmbH, a German company registered with the commercial registry of the Mannheim district court under the number HRB 720335, and be sure that all provided data is safely transferred. A 2048 bit signature and up to 256 encryption mean that this SSL Certificate offers the highest possible levels of security for our customers that is currently available.

Our website has a verifiable certificate chain signed with SHA-2. Hereby we actually differentiate ourselves currently from most websites. In a recent article Eric Mill states that approx. 90% of all websites that use SSL encryption are actually using an insecure algorithm (SHA-1). is using instead the state-of-the-art SHA-2 encryption algorithm for all customer transactions. This is the reason why you see this green bar in your browser. While browsing our website you are already leveraging the provided state of the art encryption technology. Obviously the same holds true for how we transform your electronic message into a prestigious handwritten document that will be exhibited by traditional post.

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