Global Handwritten Mail Delivery Times via Deutsche Post Mail

Global Shipping Times

All our standard handwritten notes and letters, with defined handwriting styles, will be directly mailed in Germany via Deutsche Post AG within 3-5 business days.  A shipment notification will be sent by email. From this date on, Deutsche Post’s global snail mail delivery times will apply. Approximately 95% of the national letter mail items are delivered to the recipient on the next business day within Germany.

At Pensaki there are basically the following shipping options, depending on the selected handwritten format and number of letters. Details of Deutsche Post’s delivery times can be found below.

Pensaki Standard Handwritten Letters

Minimum quantity: 1 letter

1. Versand der Standardbriefe (<500)
All our standard handwritten letters (see our shop) will be delivered to Deutsche Post latest within 5 business. You will be notified by email upon shipment.
  • 1. Direct Postal Delivery (Mail)

    With up to 100 handwritten standard letters we will always mail your letters via direct mail (Deutsche Post) delivery in Germany, incl. normal German post stamps.

  • 2. Shipping via DHL/DPD/UPS

    For orders of 100 pieces and more, it is possible to send the letters via DHL/DPD/UPS, in open envelopes and without German post stamps.

Tailor-Made Handwritten Letter Service

Minimum quantity: 500 letters

2. Versand Individualprojekte (500+)
In the case of customized handwritten direct mailing campaigns we can provide you with several shipment solutions. These are always individually coordinated in advance and agreed accordingly.
  • 1. Direct Postal Delivery (German post stamps)

    In addition to standard global mail delivery via Deutsche Post special business direct mail solutions are available (min. 4.000 handwritten cards), for both national (i.e. within Germany) or international mail delivery.

  • 2. Shipping via DHL/DPD/UPS

    From 500 letters upwards, it is also possible that we ship your tailor-made direct handwritten letter campaign globally. That way you can mail them locally.

Our standard handwritten notes and letters are handed over in Germany to Deutsche Post for global snail mail delivery, whereas tailor-made handwritten direct mail projects at Pensaki include also different international shipment methods.

Deutsche Post mail transit times (full postage)

Standard mail delivery times: How long does it take?

The letter transit times of Deutsche Post for national and international mail are publicly available. Within Germany 95% of all (handwritten) letters with standard/full postage are delivered within one business day.

The following table depicts the information provided by Deutsche Post AG (as of November 2,2014), for informational purposes only. Please check Deutsche Posts site for currently available data.

DestinationDelivery time (business days)Average Delivery Time (business days)
Within Germanyn.a.1,1
New Zealand4-86.2
United Kingdom2-32,1

Deutsche Post Bulk Business Mail Option (Dialogpost)

Bulk mail delivery times: How long does it take?

Deutsche Post’s Dialogpost offering allows companies to send out large quantities of mail at a highly reduced rate, making it a valuable service for businesses across the country.

This is also available for international shipments, if the sender resides within Germany (legal entity).

Minimum quantity: 4.000 letters

Please contact us if you want to learn more.

In the case of bulk mail shipments the transit times of national mail items increase to 2-4 working days.

Lead Generation with handwritten notes

  • Invitations to events and webinars
  • Plain Sales letters (cold acquisition)
  • Reactivation campaigns (B2C)
  • Email Newsletter Opt-in campaigns
  • Follow-up campaigns
  • Upselling campaigns
  • Recommendation campaigns
  • handwritten envelopes only
  • etc.

Customer Retention with handwritten notes

  • welcome letters
  • parcel inserts
  • thank-you notes
  • apology letters
  • birthday cards
  • seasonal greetings
  • etc.
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