Stationery: Our guide to paperweights and qualities

Our guide to paperweights and qualities ・ quality matters

Sending a handwritten note on cheap uncoated wove paper, the one is used for photocopiers and faxes is making no sense. Choosing the right paper for your handwritten campaign is critical to maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign. Quality stationery is touched, noticed, and it shows the recipient that you took some time and care in sending your correspondence.

Please make sure you conform to the following requirements:

  • The paper surface/quality must be UNCOATED.
  • Please ALWAYS provide a 10% extra charge for tests/samples/writings.
  • Folded cards MUST be provided open/unfolded.
  • All ingredients must be identical within their category, i.e. only one type of letterhead, envelope etc.
bespoke handwritten cards from Pensaki

Uncoated Paper Only

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Anna Brunner

"We have invited several thousand executives to our festival with handwritten Pensaki invitations and the response was great."

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Michaela Seika

Oracle Deutschland

"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%! Like it."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Stephan Kreissler


"We've achieved an attendance record at our event and received a lot of great feedback, largely due to the handwritten invitations from Pensaki."

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Charlie Hutton

Bestselling Marketing Author

Pensaki is possibly the coolest marketing service I've seen, and this is due to their on demand, handwritten, direct mail services"

"PENSAKI liefert super Ergebnisse. Es ist ungewöhnlich und wirkungsvoll."

Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer GmbH

"PENSAKI delivers great results. It's unusual and effective."

Einladungen in Handschrift von Pensaki

Jakob Becker


"Superbe online service, indistinguishable from a (human) handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Touch is critical to any brand experience - Paper matters

Touch is one of the 5 human senses that define how we perceive the world around us. Touch can make a stronger impact than sight or sound alone. Touch is an important part of the communication process. The science of touch is called haptics. Every single touch influences somehow human emotion and decision making.

Therefore touch is critical to any brand experience and brands need to master the “science of touch” if they want to maximize customer engagement along the customer journey, by leveraging e.g. haptics to create meaningful marketing pieces that forge meaningful connections between the brand and its customers.

Some of the important haptic factors are:

  • Size and format

  • Outline

  • Surface texture

  • Paper weight and firmness

Even the simple act of touching objects, like direct mail, can trigger the so-called endowment effect, subconsciously increasing the perceived value of the brand and its products in the eyes of customers.

  • One touch, no matter how fleeting, can significantly influence our judgment of something completely unrelated.
  • Not all memories are created equal.
  • Touch has the power to shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement.

A recent study discovered that paper quality makes a difference as participants were more likely to recall information printed on heavy, high-quality paper than on low-quality paper.

First impressions are everything, and touch can help ensure that the impression is a good one.

Make sure that your bespoke “handwritten” direct mail campaign leverages the power of the touch by selecting the corresponding paper quality.

For direct mail campaigns with 1.000+ handwritten letters, we can organize the printing or purchasing of your stationery locally in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the project. In this case, you simply send us your designs and we will take care of the rest locally.

A guide to paper weights

  • Letter stationery: min 100 gsm

  • 2-page cards: min 250 gsm

  • 4-page cards: min 200 gsm

  • Envelopes: min. 100 gsm

  • Postcards: min. 280 gsm

A short selection of papers we have worked with

  • Munken Pure Rough 300 gsm

  • Heaven42 soft matt 300 and 400 gsm

  • Lessebo white 1.3 240 gsm

  • Chromo cardboard with uncoated & matt back page 235 gsm

  • FocusCard high-quality card stock matt 246 gsm

  • Image print matt 250 gsm

  • Soporset Pre-Print BB 250 gsm

  • Design Offset bright white 300 gsm

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